La Paz City

Geographic Aspects

  • The city of La Paz is the seat of the Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, located at 3649 meters above sea level. It is the third most populated city in Bolivia, after Santa Cruz and El Alto. The city of La Paz is the metropolis and highest administrative capital in the world.

The weather

  • The climate of the city is temperate of High Mountain. The average annual temperature is about 16 °C


  • The city of La Paz, has an estimated population of 789,541 inhabitants, in 2015. The city also stands out as an important cultural center in Latin America due to its colonial legacy and indigenous presence.


  • Castilian is spoken by 84% of the population; In addition, it is a suitable city to learn this language, since the accent is neutral.


  • In La Paz, you have incredible options to enjoy your visit to this city. You can plan a tour of the incredible museums that you have a walk through the cable cars, urban rush; visit the witches market and a thousand other things...

    La Paz City - Tourism

Currency exchange

  • You can simulate the change of different currencies of the world. The data is updated every day from Monday to Friday. However, we recommend checking with the information issued by the Central Bank of Bolivia.

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